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Beach Farm


Location: Exuma, Bahamas
September – October, 2015

There’s a beautiful tree-lined trail lines along with a fruit farm from Las Breezes Villa to the beach. Given the fact that it’s part of the private property of the villa, you can hardly find anyone around besides the house keeper. My evening swim begins here, though I take my time to appreciate everything near me, from the soft sunlight to the spider, and from the banana tree to the coconut sprout. Here in the farm, you can find all sorts of fruits and vegetables which I was extremely excited about. Some of them I don’t even know the names. Actually, a lot of them. Papayas, coconuts, aloe, bananas, and soursops… were the ones I can name of, and of course, my favorite of favorites – sugar-apple. I love this fruit so much that I can eat it all day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 20 each. Every day. When I first moved into this villa, there were many sugar-apples were ripping on the trees, I thought I could wait a little longer until I reach out my paw, and here we came hurricane Joaquin which destroyed everything. That was the saddest story of my stay.

P.s Living by the farm means fresh coconut juice every day.

Bikini top: Foever 21
Pants: Express
Necklace: Handmade by me – I picked the sand dollar from the beach and attached it with a string along with a bead I got from my hair when it was braided. (I always carry some stings and ribbons, just in case)

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