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Location: Berlin, Germany
November, 2012

Back in 2009 when I wanted travel around the world, my friend recommended me Couchsurfing – a platform for travelers where they can host/stay at other travelers(‘s home). It basically the free version of Airbnb, before Airbnb time. Catherine and I tried it when we first landed in Greece, and numerous times through out Europe. The wonderful experiences we have had was beyond our exceptions. It’s one of the best way s to explore, experience the local lives and meet interesting people. I loved it so much that I continued doing so on my own after Catherine left, and in some cities before I stayed with my friends, just that I could have a fun experience of meeting interesting people.

In Berlin, my hosts turned out to be twins from Spain who were professional football players. It was so fun meeting with them with my kindergarten-level Spanish. We were complete strangers, who shared a moment of our lives together, and moved on to our own. We may never see each other again, but we’ll always remember that once upon a time, we met in Berlin, exchanges stories as if we were friends.


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