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Sonoma, United States | July 19, 2015

My birthday weekend started with a beautiful fresh bouquet and delicious breakfast in Friday morning. Then jumped in the black beast (M4) and began a beautiful drive among the nature to Sonoma. We were welcomed by the Marriott hotel The lodge at Sonoma– a gorgeous resort in the heart of Sonoma. The ice-cold water soaked with strawberries, pineapples and oranges in the lobby was exactly what we needed after the long drive. Our room was pretty and spacious, near the pool and surrounded by roses. We were excited about the weekend ahead of us.


There are cute places hidden from the main streets in downtown Sonoma. If you slow down your pace and enjoy, you will find them. We found this area with endearing little fountains through an alley with a number of tree arches and this incredible French restaurant named The girl & the fig. I loved everything about that restaurant, the food, the interior and the ambience. The fireplace in the patio kept me warm enough to enjoy the evening. Our server was informative, friendly and humorous. Such a lovely lady!


The next day, we drove off to the Francis Ford Coppola Winery – A gorgeous winery located in Geyserville with a great restaurant Rustic. You can enjoy your meal at the patio with a picturesque view of the vineyard and smelling the beautiful roses right next to you. There’s also a pool surrounded by greens near a booth where you can buy food and drinks in the same state. Bring your bikinis if you’d like to spend a day there. It was the highlight of our trip. I highly highly recommend everyone to pay a visit if you are ever in the area.

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I grew up eating fresh fish were perfectly cooked back home. Therefore, I’m very picky with my fish. Most of the fish I’ve tasted abroad were disappointing, including some at prestigious restaurants. 9.5 out of 10, they were overcooked. I guess it’s nothing wrong to people who grew up eating big boneless big fish. But to me, it’s undesirable. Though I was convinced to give this whole fish on the menu a try when David was going for the fixed menu with pairing wine. They didn’t disappoint me. Not only the fish was super tender and juicy, exactly the way I wanted. The way server prepared my fish in front of us was quite a show. I must admit. I enjoyed it very much. It was funny to me that the server was going to debone the fish for me after she took it out from the salt-shell. I am one of those rare person(I’m Cantonese) who actually love the bones, including head and tail(my favorites, including the belly.) David’s main course was also equally delicious short rib. We had so much food and could barely finish. Then they brought the complimentary desert with a candle for my birthday. I never say no to dessert. Killed it.

Another highlight of the trip was meeting this gorgeous grandma who I share the same birthday with, only she’s 104 year old. She looked everything everyone will dream of at age 104. Her beauty, her grace and her style. I couldn’t help to cheer with her and wish her a very happy birthday.

Winery: Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Restaurants: RusticThe girl & the fig
Hotel:The lodge at Sonoma


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