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DIY Christmas Tree


I love collecting things. Everything is potential raw materials in my eyes. I have a habit of keeping everything, and suffer the pain of run out of storage space very quickly(my dream house should have a “Raw Material” room). But the satisfaction of create something amazing out of trash is a rather rewarding.

When Christmas was close, I wanted to make a Christmas tree. The first material came to my head was the movie posters I collected a while ago, a few other ideas were bouncing around. I finally decided on using the pile of tubes from a shoe rack I picked up from the hallway. Once the idea was formed, I became too excited and couldn’t get it out of my head, was up all night until 6am, got out of bed and drafted the rough designs.



Iron tubes(from a used shoe rack)
Rope(I took down the old curtains, the materials happened to be able to use as rope)
Light bulb with cord(a friend was getting rid of it when she moved, I collected it)
Duct tape, paper, scissors, Christmas lights, ornaments(Stuff animals, masquerade masks,  anything you can find from the house that looks pretty)

*The rope balls were made of the curtains too … by accident

DIY-Christmas-tree8DIY-Christmas-tree3DIY-Christmas-tree4DIY-Christmas-tree1DIY-Christmas-tree2 DIY-Christmas-tree9

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