Don’t stop! 不要停

Don’t stop if your legs can still move; Don’t give up if you heart can still beat.

Beautiful sun rays came through the window this morning. The birds were chirping, my neighbor was having fun with his saxophone. I decided to go for a run.

I’m not a runner, it’s a boring exercise that just keeps your legs moving(Excuse me all the passionate runners, this is just my humble opinion). And I’m perfectly happy with my body, but given the fact thatI live right by the embarcadero, I’ll be sinful for discarding  this rather great geographical advantage. I’m also old enough to learn that a certain amount of exercise keeps you young and beautiful, heathy and happy! Plus the view of the ocean and the bridge can be quite entertaining indeed.


Even if I do convince myself to go running sometimes, but, I never convince myself to stop stopping every couple minutes while running, until this morning(my ex boyfriend wants to choke me when we used to run together). You know when your legs start silence protesting, it gets difficult to breathe and you start feeling a little dizzy, you just want to stop and take a deep breath.

Today, I asked myself: can my legs still move? Yes, they can still move, then there’s no reason for me to stop. Is my heart still beating? Yes, I’m still alive. I can’t give up just because I want to be comfortable, I can’t stop just because it gets harder, I can’t stop just because I don’t want to try anymore.

What if I’m running after my dream, can I stop? Will I?

I ran all the way to the Giants stadium from one embarcadero and came back (4 miles) without a single stop for the very first time. Though I did skip the stairs and took the lift back to my apartment.

It’s a beginning of another year, let’s all start running!


 Pictures are taken @Palace of fine art by Roxanne

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