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Dream came true in Athens

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Location: Athens, Greece
August, 2012

August, 2012. It’s my first time in Athens, first time in Europe.

My best friend Catherine flew from Shanghai, I flew from San Francisco. She landed first, I didn’t get there until midnight. I was transported to a local bar area straight from the airport. Yep, with my suitcase! That was my very first night in Athens. The next day, I woke up in the morning and looked out the window, took a deep breath of the fresh air. The blue sky, the beautiful sunshine, and the little bird. I was so happy, so so so happy. In 2009, I had a dream of traveling the world. I went through an enormous amount of obstacles, moved to the States, went back to china, and came back to the States again … And finally, 3 year later. I made it to Europe.

This was what dream came true feels like.


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