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Exuma, Bahamas | Sep – Oct 2015

 When a lot of people are stressing about the little things in a city life, these little piggies are having the time of their lives living in a small island in the beautiful caribbean sea. No one really knows where they came from, but everyone knows they are the luckiest and happiest piggies on earth.

I was a little nervous before leaving the States. Not knowing what to expect, what’s going to happen, didn’t really have a firm plan. But everything turned out exactly the way it should be. I have learned and experienced so much that I can die happy today. Every single day in Exuma reminded me how happy I was for making the decision to experience the world. I am so grateful to have met everyone along the way, who I shared the beautiful memories with.

I travel by myself. But I’m never alone. My dreams and passions are my best friends, and they take me to all the amazing people around the world. You know what’s even better? It’s being able captured videos like this of all the little memories, joy and adventures in that little island called Exuma. Memories fade, video won’t. One day when I miss your faces, I can just hit “play” and we see again.

离开美国之前有点紧张和不安, 不知道将会发生什么,接下来的路怎么走,没有详细计划和行程单。一切凭着感觉走。在这个充满理性的世界,也许感觉也正是我们需要的。 在祖玛岛的每一天都肯定着离开美国去追随我的梦想是对的。我所有学到的和经历到的,让我终生无悔。我很感谢在路上遇到、和我分享一切、还有帮助过我的每一个人。他们在异国他乡给了我温暖,给了我家的感觉。




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