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Feed the ducks

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Location: London, UK
November, 2o12

My love for England began with TESCO, when I started working for the company in Shanghai. I became very close to the people I worked with who are absolutely wonderful people. Paul and Adele are two of them. Though they can’t always be trusted, feeding the ducks for example. It was Paul’s idea to to feed the duck. We went to the park, and before we were near, we were ‘welcomed’ by an enormous King duck aggressively approaching our car. I have never seen a duck that scary before! They chickened out immediately and I decided to take a chance to feed the baby ducks since we were already there. I got off the car and walked carefully towards the baby ducks. There were so many of them, and I was getting the center of attention, as well as the King duck.  He was so aggressive and came on so strong that he bit my finger. And guess what? My friends had already driven far away. I lost faith in Humanity at that moment. -.-

Adele used to tell me about how much she loves walking on the grass with her bear foot in the countryside. The main reason I was super excited about going to England was to see my friends, and get to do the things Adele always tells me about. I fell in love with the country because of the people. I am so close to them that England has an special place in my heart.

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