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First day in Lisboa

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The smallest apples and pears I have ever seen


▲ My Portuguese version of tortilla de papatas

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Location: Sintra, Portugal
October, 2012

I met Julia in the bus at 1am on the way to Lisboa from Malaga. Julia was a solo traveller too, from Berlin.  She got in from Seville and asked if she could sit next to me, and our joinery began. The bus arrived in Portugal extremely early, like 5am. She was concerned that she couldn’t check in to the hostel at that hour, so I invited her to come with me to the house of my Couchsurfing host Oliver. What a generous guest I am! Hahaha, without asking the host’s permission. I figured whoever’s on Couchsurfing must be openminded enough for spontaneity, I was sure he wouldn’t mind. Plus I can’t leave her in the Street at 5am in a foreign country she’s never been.

Then, the adventure began.

Oliver was a wonderful host as I predicted, welcomed us with his big house full of rooms. Julia and I rested in the same room in the morning before the three of us explored town together with Oliver’s lead. One of favorite part was the flea market. What they sell in the flea market really tells you the culture and history of the city. I love collecting unique things, especially for a prize of a little to nothing. Looking for gems in a flea market is one of my favorite things to do when traveling. I found this pair leather loafers for 5 euros, the leather briefcase for 3, and I believe the skirt was 1 euro. I was super excited for my finds and couldn’t wait to show them off. Oliver found the roller skate for 5 euros too and I was the first one who got to tried them out. It was super fun to be rolling in the park near the flea market on a pair of roller skate on my first day in Lisbon. In fact, for the rest of the day.

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