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Goodbye America, Hello World!

A Few years ago, I came to the States for the first time as an International student, but with a dream of traveling the world.

A question I got asked a lot is: why do you come here? My answer always is curiosity. There is a Chinese saying called 井底之蛙 (A frog in the bottom of a well). Means you never know how broad the sky is when you can only see the size of a well.  They taught us that in school when we were little, but I never really know what it really means until I moved to Shanghai – One of the most amazing cities in the world. I met people from all over the world. I meant literally ALL OVER. Some of the countries I did not even know how to pronounce the names in English at the time. I was fascinated by the people I met, the things I learned and all the incredible experiences I have had. It ignited my desire to see the world.


Six months after my arrival, I was informed that my father was very ill. I went home to take care of him for six month. When I came back, I found a job working for the San Francisco Examiner full time and go to school at the weekends. Another six months later, I finally saved up enough and found the opportunity to make my dream come true.


It was long over due, but it was one of the most incredible feelings one can experience when it finally happens. I took off for eight months and went to all the places I wanted to go. That was when I spent two months in Cuba and created my very first travel video 2 Months of wildness in Cuba. Up until now, I still think it’s the most precious gift we could have ever given to ourselves from the trip. It always reminds us what a wonderful time we have had and how precious it is to our friendship, whenever we watch it. It’s like a time capsule and playback so much fun and joy.


I came back to the States and finished school after my travels. Like every foreigner here, my time to decide whether to stay or go has finally come. I decided to give myself a third option, when neither of the above are what I wanted.  I know what I want. I know what boils my blood and keeps excited all night. Getting a regular job to stay in the States is not one of them. I am going to leave, but I am not going home.

I am going to do what I love, what makes my heart pounds.
Exactly. Whatever. I. Want.

First. Travel.

Italy-Venice    France-Paris2 Germany-Berlin

A brand new chapter of my life embarked in the Bahamas with a one-way ticket.

Getting out of the comfort zone is scary. As much as I love the idea of staying at my cozy home, feeling safe and loved, I know myself too well to give in. Not knowing what is going to happen does not scare me (Of course it scares me, what if I run out of money, what if something bad happen to me, what if my plants die. But I have to be brave. Because it is MY LIFE), what scares me is taking the easy path and living like a drone because I am scared. I do not want to be assimilated. I would risk everything to pursuit what I love than live with regrets.

The future is uncharted, how to write it is up to us. We still need to have dreams, what if one day they come true.

Goodbye America, see you later! I am off to sunbathe with the piggies now.

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