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How to celebrate Chinese New Year in style

Shanghai WOO嫵

San Francisco, US | Feb 2014

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. I used to celebrate every single one of them with my families back home since the day I was born. When I moved to the States for school, CNY all in a sudden became irrelevant to me. I know I know. We have the biggest Chinese population here, China town and parade stuff … But without the relatives visiting, the lucky money receiving, and most importantly: the family reunion … It just ain’t the same.

So, I decided to have my own Chinese New Year, to celebrate it in my way!

The most fun part was the preparation. I went to China town for what I needed, and found out they have EVERYTHING. Literally EVERYTHING. I bought red envelopes, sweets, candies & black melon seeds(with shells) … etc. I was so amazed that they even have peach flowers – the most symbolic flower for CNY. I ran into a firecracker situation. The kind that goes as a roll, long as a street, tall as a building; burns for 15 mins. I was so impressed to see that in the states. #ChinaTownOnly I supposed. I even managed to find someone who can sell me the kind of red paper I need for the traditional calligraphy. Not that I have done it before, but I am never afraid to try. And they turned out quit nicely, especially for the word ‘Blessing’. Imaging how proud I was! For the rest, let’s say I can do better. :p

I was so busying doing all the preps and the calligraphy, I was late for my own party. Shame on me! However, the party turned out nicely. Everyone came in the-most-definitely red dress code. It was  a memorable night.

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