Cuba, Malón, TRAVEL

Javier with the horse


Location: Cayo coco to Malón, Cuba
February, 2013

When I opened my inbox today, an email says Javier from an unknown email address caught my attention. It was not long, two lines only, all written in Spanish with no punctuations. I was stunned. My poor Spanish didn’t allow me to understand the content completely, but I quickly figured out who did it come from. Someone I would never expect.

It was a beautiful morning after spending a night in a sugarcane field in the middle of nowhere spontaneously. We were dropped off in complete dark by an super kind diver we hitchhiked. We had no idea where we were, all we knew was waking up with amazing sunrise and greens everywhere. The landscape looked like one of those surreal desktop wallpapers. We did our morning exercise and embraced the wildness. We were having a great time until we realized we were out of water and thirsty. That’s when Javier came long his horse.

Javier didn’t speak English at all, judging by his look and the horse, he must work in the farms. We were excited to meet him, especially his horse. Catherine and I both love horseback riding. He was kind enough to give us a little tour. He didn’t say much, and the most of it, I did not understand. He barely understood me I assumed. But we managed to communicate through body language and vivid facial expressions. When we mentioned we were thirsty, he ran off with his horse and came back in ten minutes with sugarcanes. We were drooling down to our toes.

We folded a heart with a Chinese bill with our contact info written in the back and gave it to him to show our appreciation. We wished him all the best and asked him to write to us knowing that he may never will, given the current economic situation in Cuba. It was very difficult even for us to access internet, not to mention the poor locals. But he did, after two years. I was extremely surprised. I first google-translated it, it doesn’t make any sense. Then I asked a Spanish friend. He said he couldn’t contact us because he fell off the horse and hurt himself really bad. He was very happy to meet us and hopes to get a respond from us. Poor Javier! I wrote him back immediately and shared the pictures we have taken. I am sure he’ll be very happy to see them. It was a special moment we will never forget.

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