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Jump Off A Soviet Navy Vessel

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos | Feb 2015

In the Caribbean sea, there’s an abandoned shipwreck named La Famille Express. It’s was originally a Soviet Navy vessel, built in 1952, ran aground during Hurricane Frances in 2004. It’s been a tourist destination in Turks and Caicos ever since, one of the most famous shipwreck in the world. One of the locals told me that when the boat ran aground, the crew decided to abandon it, because it’s too expensive to do anything about it.

For you all adventurers, yes! You can climb and jump off it. Though be very careful not to hurt yourself because it’s extremely rusty. We put our shoes on before going up. It’s actually quite terrifying when walking on the edge of the highest point, and jumping off from it by conquering fear is why living is so amazing! Watch out for the depth of the water before jumping, because the tide changes during different time of the day, it can be too shallow to jump. Most of the excursion companies do bring you here, especially if you are going for a jet ski ride. For the rest of the day, we toured around the sea and enjoyed what this beautiful island had to offer. The water was unpredictable like weather and yet so insanely beautiful. It blows my mind how it can be real!

 Providenciales – Jumping off the soviet shipwreck caught in action


 The water was so bright that hurts my eyes

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Where: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – La Famille Express
How to get there: By boat or Jet Ski. Most of the Excursion companies will take you there as part of the package, That day we went with Talbot’s Adventures. You can also ride a jet ski to get there which is even more fun. Caribbean Cruisin will take you there and also teach you how to do a back flip from the top if you are lucky.

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