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Location: Kingston, Jamaica
March, 2013

I don not know what we were thinking, but seemed like we did not plan for a place to stay when we were flying to Jamaica (Why am I so surprised, and made it sound like it is the first time I have done that). When we landed, we met a Brazilian group who was trying to navigate their way to the city as we were, and clearly know where they were going. We shared the ride and went wherever they were going – a hostel.There were rooms and tents available, and we picked the tent as none of us had slept in a tent before. It was fun. Especially having the teeny tiny little kitten sleeping by my side the whole night. It was the cutest thing ever. I sat on the couch for an entire afternoon just because she was laying next to my lab and not moving the whole time.

It was a very peaceful afternoon. I was laying on a bean bag with the tropical heat and breeze, slowly falling asleep while Chronic was floating in the air. It was one of those perfectly relaxing afternoon. That was when I fell in love with Reggae music.A few days after, I got in touch with Marcus from Couchsurfing, we moved to his families’ house where his parents and sister live, which turned to be a mansion on the hill. It was a mansion full of history and culture, a mini museum. We were blown away of how beautiful the architectures were in that area. Not only we had our own beautiful room, they treated us like families. It was such a wonderful experience.

Apparently, Jamaica is one of the most dangerous countries in the Caribbean, if not the most. A lot of people asked if I felt safe when I was there. I guess not when you hang with the right people. 🙂


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