Cap-Haïtien, Haiti | January, 2016

Upon my arrival, I knew anything about Cap-Haïtien, not to mention the secret local spots. However, I was lucky enough to have met Kevin – A US born Haitian moved back to Haiti, who introduced me this beautiful hidden beach in Labadee. It’s mountains away from the crowed tourist beaches. If you get lucky, it can be your own private beach. The day we went, it was literally only the two of us.

The first night in Cap-Haïtien, I met Kevin and his friends. We were at a very busy local restaurant called Lakay. The food was so amazing and the ambience made it even better. I can still remember the laughters of the night and how incredibly thrilled I was. They were so kind and welcoming, immediately, I felt like I have friends in Cap-Haïtien, and I was safe. It means so much to me after hearing all the insane stories of how dangerous Haiti is. My adventures in Haiti began.


We literally drove through the mountains to get to the other side of Cap-Haïtien. One of the great parts of the trip is when we got to the top of the mountain, we could overlook the entire city. I was amazed with how much greens among the city. It’s a city built in a jungle. Then going through up and down the other mountains was like riding the roller coster, with a lot of goats running alongside. It was so much fun!! The goats reminded me the herd I saw all the time in the Haitian community of Turks and Caicos. Haitians love goats!


When we got to the other side of the mountains. We took a water taxi. That was a whole different experience. First of all, I asolutely adored the boat. The design is perfect and the art is full of characters. Sitting on it going through the lush forest was one of the most beautiful experience.

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