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Location: Prague, Czech Republic
September 2012

My trip in Europe was getting harder when it started getting colder. It was snowing on my way to prague from Vienna. As soon as I arrived, I went to the super market, got some groceries to make myself some soup and ginger tea. But I was still sick for the rest of my stay. I barely had any strength left to enjoy this amazing city I had been dreaming of. However, the first night has already put a special mark on my trip.

I left the bus station and was in the street, hailing my suitcase when trying to navigate myself at the same time. Then a woman crossed the street, walked beside me and asked: where are you going? I told her I was headed to old town square, and she said they are going to the same direction and can give me a ride. What?! I couldn’t believe it for a second, and soon realized she was the woman who held the door for me, when I was leaving the information center. She’s there to pick up her daughter and they were on the way home. What have I done to get to be so lucky. We had a wonderful chat during the ride. When we arrived, she insisted to let her daughter company me to the door and make sure I get in safely before they take off. When traveling, sometimes the best things you can have are strangers.

Not only I met two very kind people along the way, my Couchsurfing host was a super cool gal from Canada who has a very beautiful apartment right in the middle of old town. It just got better. I used the pages of the book I’ve already read and staples to pull off a last minute Halloween hat, and owned the night together.

Ps: The woman who gave me a ride invited me to her home, but I couldn’t make it because I was not feeling well, regretted it so much. I have to go see her when I go back to Prague.

Pps: The bartender awarded me a drink with a “cockroach” because of my hat. It was my favorite “cockroach” until I lost it in Berlin.

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