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Location: Maui, Hawaii
May, 2012

The first time I snorkeled was in Maui. I wasn’t nearly as good at swimming/diving as I am now (thanks to the 5 months in the Caribbean). But I was still bold enough to get out there in the water on my own, and it was still the most amazing snorkeling experience I have ever had. What I saw in the bottom of the ocean was beyond worlds.

I was stunned and quickly got myself lost in paradise, to a point I didn’t even know where I was, and there was’t any fellow snorkeler around. I panicked. I was very far away from the shore, in deep deep deep water. If I drown, no one will find me in time to rescue me. The more nervous I get, the more likely I’ll get myself in my trouble.  And I choked. Holy crap, I better swim back as soon as I can. Not long after, a boat appeared within my eye sights. I could finally relax for a bit, was hoping that they would let me abroad the ship, have a drink and take me back to the shore.

Well, that’s not going to happen. I pulled myself together and swam back.

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