The best way to make friends

Last week I was at a loft in downtown Los Angeles talking to a friend on the phone, a pair of my panties decided to slip away and skydive, when I was sorting out my lingeries at the same time by the window.  My friend heard a sudden scream from me and I ran off to find them. Looking down from the window, my best guess was they should be sitting at the patio of the bottom floor unit, if they landed safely. For some strange reasons about the building structure, I can was not able to locate the bottom floor unit and the security was useless to offer any help.

I was more concerned about my neighbor’s confusion than loosing the panties. How can I possibly contact them?

So I wrote a note with my phone number, wrapped it up with Bottega Louie’s ribbon to hint them it was a message, and let it skydive the same way my panties did. Within 5 minutes, I got a text.

Did it make it a little less embarrassing that they were two girls who live in that unit?

That was how we met, and the rest was history.

 The best way to make friends

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