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Location: London, UK
November, 2012

It was my first trip to the UK. What would be a better way to start my trip in London, than going straight to a Diwali party in the first night as soon as I arrived? Meeting Victor and his friends who all went to Royal College of Art was an absolute unique experience. I didn’t go to see the Big Ben, nor did I visit the London bridge. I went to school with them and spent a day at the Royal College of Art instead. Being an creative individual myself, watching and learning how the others design and create is so much more fascinating to me, especially from talented geniuses like them. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Victor showed me the magnetic field for the first time. And when they were discussing about rain water and tap water, I took a walk to Hyde park. Who said London weather sucks? Who said London is miserable? On my first day, it was perfectly sunny and nice. Hyde park was enormous and full of trees with gold leaves, it can’t be any prettier. I had so much fun just wandering around and hugging trees. London was brilliant! Although I have to admit that I got really lucky with the weather. The first day and last way out of 7 days were all I got. It rained for the rest of the days.

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